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The Shortcut

Scrubs  (Putlocker and Sockshare I’ve found work the best!)

Charlie St.Cloud

Fright Night

Bad Meat

21 Jump Street

Warm Bodies

Now You See Me


Interviewer: Talk a little bit, about working—knowing that you’re releasing, like, a hard R movie, the freedom of being able to say and do whatever you want.

Dave: It’s great. But at the same time, I don’t know. Sometimes after we finish a scene, I look back and I’m, like, did I say fuck too many times? It’s—I don’t know. It does feel great to have the freedom to say whatever we want. Literally, like, you can get really dark and weird with it

Fave Franco & Kaya Scodelario manip


Kat Graham

Isaac || Hallucinations

AKA the “we ride togetha we die togetha scene”